How To Keep Your Home Cool Without Increasing Your Energy And Maintenance Costs

After the freezing winter temperatures and pleasant spring, the summer heat can be quite oppressive. Just as winters are too cold for comfort, summer heat can be equally intense. Fortunately having top end cooling solutions can help you beat the heat and keep cool.

However as cool as the air conditioning systems are, you also have to contend with high utility bills. Not to mention, the repair and maintenance costs that add to the overall expense considerably.  Here are a few useful tips that will keep the heat out without too much expense towards utility and maintenance.

Summer checklist

How prepared are you for the summer? Here is a checklist:

Are your windows and doors insulated?

Having weatherproofed windows and doors can help the cool air sealed tightly inside. Use proper weatherproofing adhesive strips. Sheer drapes also aid in cooling. When your air conditioner is working it will not be overstressed with these measures.

Are you using proper light bulbs?

Incandescent light bulbs can be a big drain on your energy consumption. Nearly 90% of energy they use is converted to heat. To allow a cooler environment and reduce energy use, switch over to CFL or LED bulbs.

Is your air conditioner energy efficient?

Energy star ratings have become mandatory for HVAC systems. The higher the rating the more efficient and less energy consuming your cooling system is. So invest in an efficient air conditioner. You can be assured of lower energy cost. While buying air conditioner make sure to look at maintenance choices, size and thermostats that are programmable.

Do you clean the air filter regularly?

Air filters clogged with dirt and other debris can overwork your air conditioner. To ensure longer life span of your air conditioning unit,clean the air filters and change them regularly. This will help smooth air flow and improve working efficiency of the air conditioner.

Is your fan set for summer?

The direction of rotation of the ceiling fan should be altered for every season. In summer, you should set it to faster speed and the rotation should be counter clockwise. This will give a cool wind chill effect all through the house.

Are the vents in your home allowing free air flow?

Sometimes the vents are blocked by furniture. This prevents free air flow inside the house and also over work the air conditioner in your home.

Are you shutting the doors?

Aside from the back and front doors, all other doors in your home should be left open. This will prevent hot air from being trapped inside smaller rooms like the bedroom.

Is the outdoor unit in an airy space?

The outdoor air conditioner unit should not be obstructed by leaves or branches or other hindrances which can affect air circulation and make the unit work harder to cool your home. 

Air Conditioner Using Tips

Most often people are confused as to whether they should have the air conditioner running throughout the day or set the thermostat at higher level when no one is at home.   The air flow from the hot outer environment will try to move into the cooler interiors.

So, if you have set the thermostat to 65 and the temperature outside is 85, it makes the air conditioner work more. The ideal way would be to program the thermostat to around 78 during day time and reduce it, when you return home. This way the unit will not have to run all day long.

Make sure you invest in a thermostat that is programmable. You can just set the temperatures for different times of the day. Even better still is the Wi-Fi thermostat. You can control the unit remotely with your smartphone. So you can have a cooler home when you return.
For window units, turn the temperature to higher degrees or switch them off when you are not at home.
When you invest in a good air conditioner unit and ensure it is not overworked by following the checklist above, you can be assured of low energy costs and also the cost of repairs and maintenance. 

Proper installation is also important. When you use an expert installation service, you can easily avoid higher repair costs and enjoy comfortable cooling every time you use the air conditioner.
Although DIY approach for cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner works well, using a professional can help proper servicing of the unit and also help identify issues before they cause permanent damage. You will have a cooler home and also not spend exorbitant amounts on energy bills and maintenance.


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