How to Eat apricot seeds

Vitamin B17 isn’t classified as a vitamin. It has many other names, but we all call it “laetrile” or “amygdalin.” Laetrile comes for the Latin words for the stereochemistry of the molecule, laevarotatory, and mandelonitrile, or the chemical identity.
Glucose, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide are the three main components in laetrile. Cyanide may sound scary, but apricot kernels contain tiny amount of it. You need to swallow at least 65 apricot kernels in a day for it to become dangerous to your health. Cyanide is dangerous when used in large amounts. But, when used in tiny amounts and combined with other compounds, it’s safe.
Vitamin B17 and cancer
Alternative cancer doctors treat their patients with laetrile. However, the FDA bans the use of vitamin B17. Doctors can’t prescribe or treat their patients with laetrile.
Sloan Kettering was the leading cancer research center in the 1970s. Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura found that laetrile inhibits the growth of malignant lung tumors in lab mice. But, the Board of Directors at Sloan Kettering thought that the new findings would shrink profits, and didn’t support the proof. Treatments that are not patented can’t bring money.
The media played a major role here, and released a story in which cyanide in apricot kernels and apple seeds is dangerous. But, it’s a fact that cyanide kills cancer cells, and its content in kernels is too low.
Laetrile and cancer treatments
Healthy cells contain rhodanese, and enzyme that’s not found in cancer cells. Cancer cells have beta-glucosidase. Rhodanese has the ability to neutralize benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide in B17. It turns these into a useful compounds, and the body can use it.
Beta-glucosidase releases benzaldehyde and cyanide from laetrile, and targets cancer cells.
Laetrile also helps the body synthesize more vitamin B12. Statistics shows that many Americans lack this vitamin. When combined with high doses of vitamin C, the nutrients create a huge synergistic power
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