5 Tips to Keep Your Home Heating System Running Smoothly This Winter

Is your home fully equipped to deal with freezing winter temperatures?
How well is your furnace running? 

With winters threatening to be chillier than ever before, it makes sense to have a good look at your home heating system.

Faulty or damaged heating systems can make your days really miserable, and possibly dangerous. And not to mention the exorbitant amounts you have to spend on replacement or repair charges on a neglected system. The sad truth is that many people are unsure of what type of heating system they have and how efficient it really is.

 Temperatures during winter can vary greatly and knowing how to keep the heating system running properly can save you a lot of money and hassle. This is a surefire way to keep warm and put a curb on the heating bills. Fortunately, we have just the right tips to get you started.

Home Heating System Maintenance Tips

Tip 1

Clean the air filter
Cleaning is part of your routine home chores that cannot be put off as it keeps your house free of dust and allergens and ensures a healthy environment. This applies to the HVAC system in your home too. Proper care of the HVAC especially cleaning the air filter can benefit you in many ways:

·         You can save on energy bills up to about 15%
·         Reduce air pollutants in your home effectively
·         Keep the heating system working efficiently

As you start using the heating system more often in peak winter, you will realize the extent of savings you can actually make by keeping the filters clean.

Tip 2

Check for leaks

Allowing warm air from inside your home to leak outside is a big waste of the efforts of your HVAC system.

Insulation is one of the important aspects of keeping your home warm and cozy in winter. It also reduces the strain on the HVAC , increasing energy efficiency and it saves energy expenditure too. So make sure you seal any air leaks in your home.

Tip 3

Go Fora Smart Thermostat

Programmable thermostatsrequire you to set it to various temperatures specific times all through the week. You have to set it to low during the day when you are at work and the kids are at school, and increase the temperature settings, when you get back home in the evening.
At nighttime when you are cozily wrapped up in layers of clothing and blankets,less heat is required. So turning down the thermostat would be ideal.  However if you find this constant scheduling frustrating and tedious, you can switch over to smart thermostat system.
The smart system can automatically switch on and off, according to the presence of people in a room. It can also set temperatures that help save energy to the maximum. Further you can remotely control it. For people with busy work schedules this is a great feature.

Tip 4

Energy Audit

If you want to really know how efficient the heating system at your home is, an energy audit is the perfect way to do it. With a professional home heating expert overseeing the assessment or audit you can

·         Find out the areas that are problematic and cause energy loss
·         Know about methods and enhancements you can do to minimize energy use
·         Keep the heating system installed in your home in top notch condition
Insulation and air leak check, sealing of leaks, inspection of heating system etc. are some of the things that an audit can help.

Tip 5

Heating System Maintenance

Having a regular maintenance check done by professionals is beneficial to you in more ways than one. A defective heating system can burn up more fuel than necessary and complicate problems more. A trained service professional can easily detect the fault, fix it and ensure the heating is consistent and efficient all through winter.

For instance, a leaking air duct or blocked airways can impair the amount of warm air inside your home. Having a professional take care of the repair is the best way to ensure the issue is completely resolved.

As you can see, keeping the heating system running smoothly in your home is not a difficult task. When you are faced with bitter cold having an efficient system to counter it can make the cold seem less terrible. And you also get to save more on your energy bills with a smoothly running system. Make sure you enlist the services of a professional heating system expert for maintenance of your heating system.

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