Ideas to Freshen Your Home with Indore Plants

Houseplants are become the necessary part to decorate the indoor area. Now people turn towards the natural things then adoring the spaces with artificial. The reason behind is one get the nature’s feel around. Buy plants online, it purifies the air and also enter the positive vibes in home. Now you get various types of temperature resistant indoor plants that can survive in low light. Here we take you to the ride of some indoor gardens to ornament the kitchen, bed room, hall and entrance. 

1. The green wall

Most of the times we use ornament to decor the fake paintings. So here we get the unique thought of paint the wall with bricks effect and then hang a green herb plants on it. It is a good thought for one who has restricted to small space and don’t find corner for making the indoor garden. You will need some wood screws and few small planters to make the green wall. You can also hang some herbs in mason jars and use it to spread the aesthetic fragrance in kitchen. Your kitchen garden on wall is a stunning idea to give a fresh aroma in home and eat fresh herbs every day

2. Wood, stones and palm

Palm tree is popular as the air purifier plant for homes. It is the most sought and bought houseplant for home garden. You can decorate the welcome space with mini palm plants. You can renovate the space with using bulk of round stones and bamboo wood sticks. Garnish the floor with earth-friendly rug. You want to avoid the animal rugs you can use door carpet made of wool or cotton fabrics. You must have the matching color pots to create a stunning visual impression. White ceramic pots ideally fit in every situation. You can also put choice on clay pots or designer pots. Use some wall boxes to hang greens. Get the decorative pot stands to use the corner in right manner. Well there are infinite ideas you can plan for perfect makeover.

3. Green window

You can enlarge the view of garden from small window site. You get enough shadow light on window. So you get the best use of window to make a green garden. Get some tall plants, small plants and arrange it nicely in the window side. If you wish you can also manage some glass doors for great visualization of live garden. Also add some accent through potting a flowers plant around. It will beautify the space and will spread a soothing fragrance around. The most important task is to give a partial shade to plants if window is getting direct sunlight hit. It can damage your indoor garden. So you can provide a good shade of green net to maintain their freshness. So you get the purified oxygen from windows for absolutely free.

4. Your green steps

Place under the space is neglected very often time. But practically thinking this is the best place where you can change your indoor area. You can use various pots and plants to decorate the underneath space of steps. Use sand and stones to decorate the floor and now decorate the space with houseplants. You can use big to small plants as per the need of space. Don’t overlook the steps; you can also use this to make green steps. Put medium sized pots on the end side of steps. Your house becomes a powerhouse of greens

5. Bathing Beauty

You can recreate the spa like feel in bathroom using the plants. From snake plants to aloe Vera plants you get tons of plants that inhibit the humidity in air. They require a low maintenance and easily get moisturized from air humidity. So they are well liked and used to clean the bathroom space. But caution you need to give them a partial shade of sun in week otherwise they will not last for longer. You can also have some flower arrangements in vase to get the spa like aroma during the bathing time.

6. Floor Plants

You can upgrade the floor with tall plants. If you have too much empty space around big sized miniature bonsai plants or heighten plants are good for bring a new look to your home. A floor plant touches the ceiling must be pruned and cared after some time. Also try to give them a proper sun light or lights effects for making them grow properly. They are a nice accent for apartment having a tall ceilings and or cathedral style ceilings.

Chances are less that you don’t like it. See houseplants are
easily accessible from nursery. They are cost friendly and Eco friendly. So you get the best decor with advantage of fresh air. We have tried our best to use the maximum walls and spaces to decorate with houseplants. If you follow green thumb, you must share this article with others to encourage them towards growing indoor garden.


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