Why should you Choose SaaS Testing over Traditional Methods

Software as a Service Testing or popularly known as SaaS Testing helps all the organisations to bypass the needs of first installing an application and then running it on respective computers. Therefore, this reduces the expense of acquiring hardware, installing, maintaining and then supporting them. This form of testing also provides varied types of services on cloud and after the entire completion of developing the process, the testing cycle is decided to figure out which type of service should be opted for the service.

SaaS platform testing also assures the quality of a software after the software is made to undergo various validation activities. Starting from data integration, testing performance, security, reliability and scalability, all the process are involved in the SaaS platform testing method. You can access all the SaaS applications easily via the internet and you do not need to install any extra application for that.

How is SaaS based testing software harder than traditional testing methods?

1. You should be clear about why you want to opt for SaaS based testing method and not any other method because you need a clear knowledge about SaaS and thorough implementation strategy before finalising it.

2.  Quality Assurance becomes a matter of concern as products are delivered faster in SaaS.
3. The application testers undergo comprehensive testing to allow the users to utilize the benefits of the app completely.

4. The test environment also needs to support the deployment, execution and validation of the application.

What are the advantages of SaaS testing over traditional testing?

1. The maintenance and upgrade cost of application is lower for SaaS as compared to traditional methods.

2. You can easily adopt new innovative ideas on SaaS because the risks are lower in this form of a testing method.

3. You can pay as per your usage and do not need to pay anything extra.

4. You do not need to download any software unlike traditional methods and can access this method over the internet easily.

What are the best practices of SaaS Platform Testing?

1. You can enhance the testing efforts of SaaS by observing patterns of various organizations.
2. You can recognize the performance of the SaaS application through additional resources like a powerful hardware application.

3. You can also increase the workload from the various environment by adding up concurrent users to test how the application is performing.

4. Ensure that you have complete access to all the testing requirements that you require for testing SaaS applications.

5. Before opting for testing or figuring out the specification of testing requirements, it is advisable that you first plan in advance what you are going to test.

6. At the time of integration or migration, make sure you check on the security concerns to avoid breach or breakdown.

You can use various SaaS tools like PractiTest, qTest, and qMetry to perform the unit test, performance and function of SaaS applications. You can incorporate these tools in the best possible way by opting for agile methods to utilize them as much as possible.  

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