Why the GMAT must be Taken before Graduation.

Why the GMAT must be Taken before Graduation.

Students are faced with a plethora of problems while they are nearing graduation, such as the impending doom of project and assignment deadlines, mid-term and end term exams, and a host of extracurriculars to take care of. As this takes a toll on most students, they postpone their GMAT preparation way after graduation. Many students argue that this helps them decide if they really want to put in the efforts for business school and lets them take a test with full preparation and an open mind. The business school dream may be farfetched for many students and very time consuming, which makes is a Herculean task for most of them. However, when many students opt for the best GMAT training, they are usually advised to appear for the GMAT before graduation for a variety of reasons.
Reasons to appear for the GMAT before graduation

·         A conducive environment-

1.    There may be a severe lack of time, sleep, and money while pursuing graduation, but that doesn’t stop you from preparing for exams. This makes it easier for you to put on your thinking cap and preparing for GMAT as you are already following the routine of exams and assignments.
2.    It is wiser to appear for the GMAT before graduation as it is easier to study in an environment built for studying rather than spending a few years working and then forcing yourself in the zone of studying.
3.    The GMAT score that you get also gives you a clear idea for the MBA career that you wish to pursue.

·         A fast-track to MBA-

1.    For those who are adamant about pursuing GMAT after graduating college, there are GMAT coaching centres that will prepare you thoroughly for taking the exam. Students who wish to enter a business school in the near future must consider giving the GMAT in their graduation days itself.
2.    It is observed that a handful of students in the top MBA programs are college graduates. This proves that it is not necessary to log in some conference room hours before appearing for the test. Many institutes are beginning to opt for ‘early-career’ students which are more of an exception than a regular occurrence, but it is still a reason to opt for taking the GMAT earlier.
3.    The emphasis on work experience has not reduced but determined students can also add internships to their shining resumes to make up for it.
4.    Taking the GMAT before graduation puts the business career of any student on the fast-track.  

·         A foundation for an MBA career-

1.    A student’s lifestyle during college days is extremely hectic and busy. However, compared to a young professional lifestyle, as a student, you tend to get more time to study. This is the reason why most candidates believe that an MBA is a daunting path while working.
2.    A GMAT score is valid for 5 years. This gives you sufficient time to get a professional experience before starting business school. Thus, giving the GMAT before graduation relieves you from the stress of studying for it while you are gaining a professional experience.


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