Here are 10 more tips to lose weight even faster:

Regular routine- By regular routine, I don't only mean your timely and regular exercises but also your lifestyle. That means, taking your meals on time, going for exercises on time and regularly and most important, going to bed on time. Not only diet and workout affect your weight but your sleep too. A good and adequate sleep is also important. Your sleep should consist of 5-6 hours. But this doesn't mean that you would take that in the daytime, sound night sleep is most beneficial for us and you should go to your bed before 12 and try to sleep in a dark and silent room.

Diet- I understand, how difficult it is to control one's diet and especially for those who eat a lot. But luckily, I am not suggesting you go for dieting. Many types of research have proved that dieting is not the way out. What I want to say to is that besides eating a lot at one time, distribute it for 2-3 times. For e.g., if you eat 7-8 chapatis at a time, no need to cut the numbers you eat.

Health Benefits Of Eating Kiwifruit
Bollywood Dance - Who doesn’t go crazy at a disco party? Well, a lot of people, including me, but the number of people who love dancing is a lot higher. If you love dancing at a party which you can’t go every day, why not just dance at home? Gather your family members or your friends and just dance your troubles away. You won’t even realize you’re working out and losing weight. Plus it will give you all the benefits that aerobics or Zumba give. It will elevate your mood and make you happier also. You can always take inspiration from new Bollywood songs and include the newly invented steps in your dance to make it a different experience 
Nutrition tweaks (presumably some of these you've already done):
Avoid processed grains (bread, bagels, sandwiches and the like)
Avoid liquid calories: sodas, diet drinks etc.
Drink green tea, water, and plain black coffee instead
Forget about Fat-free, Zero-Calorie and ‘Franken-food’ products - in some cases these are even worse than the processed sugar filled products: disrupting hormones, bloating you up etc.
Skip on ketchup, salad dressing, sauces etc - all refined sugar and 'syrup' based products. Even if it says sugar-free - it is filled with sugar alcohols (see the previous point)

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