Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess make her day special

Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess

Undeniably you are using pink color scheme for birthday celebration so pink cake is. Here we give some information about the designer cakes to make her birthday very special. All these cakes are new trend of 2018 and they are supremely designed by the expert cake bakers. Hope you will love it and Send Cakes online for celebrating your little one’s birthday.

1. My little pony birthday cake 

Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess

Cake is the center of attraction in kid’s party. If your girl loves my little pony cartoon character you must appreciate this with this my little pony birthday cake. It is an ideal treat for the lovely girl in your life. The sponge cake is supremely hand crafted with various fondant and sugar sheets. Top layer is smothered with butter crème and topped with my little pony characters. Multicolor rectangle stripes on the edges give it an adorable look. Fondant stars, hearts, tie ribbon and cute toy down the cake compliments the design. It’s very tricky and difficult task to make at home, still you want to make it, buy readymade sponge cake from cake shop. It will cutoff your 50% time.

2. Princess Birthday Cake 

Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess

She is not the princess in real but she is the princess of your heart. She must be crowned with cake following a princess theme. Here you get the three tower cake adorned with princess crown. You can also buy the same matching crown for your girl. Princess birthday cakes are easily available in online shop. They are not so easy to make at home, you may be the best baker but you can carve a design like baking experts, so leave this duty on them and enjoy celebrating a big birthday bash with your princess.

3.Abby and Elmo 
Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess

Elmo cakes are very popular in girl’s birthday. It is a perfect treat for the Elmo-themed birthday parties. Your little angle would love to see the Abby and Elmo characters supremely designed on the cake. Cake is smothered with vanilla cake with chocolate icing and funny cut-outs of Elmo and Abby face. Get the readymade Elmo cake and decorate the cake table with coloring candies and multicolor cookies. Abby and Elmo theme party decoration is ready to impress the guests.

4.Sprinkled Ruffle Cake

Sprinkled ruffle cake perfectly suits for the toddler’s birthday. Her mom can use pink ruffles to adorn the sprinkle themed birthday party. Pink ruffles perfectly matches with the girlie theme. On the other hand sprinkles iced on 2nd number describes the growing age of your princess. Sponge cake is smothered with pink butter crème laces design. You can use pink sprinkled balloons and cup cakes to adorn the sides of cake.

5. Cinderella Princess Cake 

Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess

Cinderella themed party must be cherished with matching cake. Cinderella is an epic character in girls. So here you can adorn the party with Cinderella themed cake. Princess gown is adorned with blue butter crème roses. You can exchange color scheme as per the theme color of party. Cute Cinderella is spreading smiles and the matching tassels and silk strings around takes your birthday decoration to the next level.

6. Fairy Birthday Cake

Gorgeous cakes in pink for princess

At certain age girls love to be honored. Fairy birthday cake is a good choice when you are celebrating her 7th or 8th birthday. You can dress up the fairy on cake with the dress she wore in her birthday. Let her feel the princess, let her rule the party. You can achieve this sort of design from expert bakers. You give all the reason to make her smile throughout the day.

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Birthday falls once in one year, and it shows your baby is growing mature day by day. Pink themed cakes are very popular for girl’s birthday. We have give n some of the favorite characters that are usually find in birthday celebration. Here we suggest some characters which are very popular in girl’s birthday celebration. If you are following a certain theme, it will help you to find the best suitable cake for theme party.


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  1. Never seen such exquisite pink cake ideas. Multi color cookies are such a creative work done by bakers. Will share these designs with my friend arranging a birthday party of her daughter in a couple of weeks. I think already hired one of the impressive venues in Los Angeles with smothering arrangements. Supreme props are done with DIY invites.