Easy Technices Of Foot Massager

Top full body massage treatment can relieve stress and anxiety, lower the pressure, relax the stiffness of feet, stimulate blood circulation and help drain excess fluid. For all these reasons, foot massage is particularly recommended for those suffering from hypertension, swelling of the lower extremities or, more generally, problems with circulation and water retention.Women pregnant or people who work long hours standing or sitting at your desk can especially benefit from this treatment.

By pressing and stimulating certain areas of the sole of the foot, it will be possible to influence the functioning of the corresponding organs and solve or simply alleviate health problems that seem to be completely disconnected from the lower extremities.To be truly effective, this message should be done frequently and regularly, preferably at night before going to bed. For this, the foot massager is at your disposal, an electrical device of compact dimensions that will allow you to enjoy moments of pure relaxation sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Structure of electric topfoot massager

The structure is an important element to consider when choosing a foot masseuse, as it affects the ease of use of the device and the types of massage it can offer.Currently, there are many models of foot massagers in the market, and then we will analyze the main technical differences between all types so that we can guide you in choosing the electric foot massager that best suits your needs.
In the following paragraphs, we will go into more detail about the aspects related to the types of massage and the functions available, but we tell you that the vast majority of devices analyzed know how to massage the feet in a very professional way.

Types of foot massages

As explained in the previous section, the type and variety of messages depend mainly on the structure of the foot masseur. Here are all the types oftop foot massager that these devices can have, briefly explaining their characteristics and beneficial effects:

    Shiatsu or kneading: one of the most known and effective massages, is characterized by a series of pressures and tractions maintained for a few seconds in a precise area of the sole of the foot. I

n general, this treatment is carried out thanks to the balls that move in a circular motion. The more balls there are in the apparatus, the more intense and precise the massage will be;

    Roll or scrape: The massage balls move back and forth along the sole of the foot, releasing the tension accumulated in the heels of the fingers;

    Vibration: it consists of an oscillation of the balls that helps to reactivate the circulation and dissolve the muscles;

    Air compression or airbag: This message is only available for hooded foot massagers. The pads inside the two cavities swell and deflate at regular intervals to intensify the massage and stimulate blood circulation more effectively;

    Acupuncture: The most sophisticated and economical foot massagers offer treatments that follow the principles of acupuncture, applying more pressure to specific points on the sole of the foot.

In general, Top full body back massagewith a dome will offer more functions than foot massage therapists with a larger foot shell due to its more complex structure. Such additional features, of course, are among the elements that justify the highest price of a foot massager.
In the following list we will see the functions of foot massagers available in the market:

    Heating or heat: when activated, this function heats the massage spheres, to relieve pain and muscle and circulatory problems. This program can usually be chosen in combination with other massages or separately;

    Timer: The most sophisticated models have a button to adjust in advance the duration of the message, so you can fully enjoy the relaxation session without worrying about the overheating of the device. However, the duration of the message recommended by the manufacturers is almost always about 15 minutes;

    Adjusting the intensity: Some products allow you to choose the intensity of the message according to your preferences or sensitivity. For dome-footed massagers, the intensity increases with a greater swelling of the pads;

    Automatic programs: the presence of these programs is a prerogative of the most advanced models and with the highest price range. Selecting this function will activate a series of messages and programs in which intensity and duration are already pre-established.

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