7 Gorgeous house plants and that anti anxiety benefits

You breathe tones of toxins in regular intervals. Not in outdoors but indoor area is not safe. Now people who are home bound also suffers from various toxins and disease. Indoor plants are the best remedy for them. Houseplants just not adorn the beauty of house but also act as a best filter to purify the air around us. People who are suffering from mental stress, fatigue and sleeping disorders must have a house plant pot surroundings. If you want them to breathe fresher and cleaner air our online flower shop is here to book your orders for flower plants. You must want to know about which houseplants to pot in home. Read on, we give brief introduction here down.

7 Gorgeous house plants and that anti anxiety benefits

1. Jasmine -For Sleep Well

In choosing best flower plant I would suggest the best Jasmine flower plant. Jasmine flower has an extreme fragrant and blooms with abundant flowers on one stem. The long lasting fragrance of this flower uplifts the mood, relaxes the mind and helps in making sound sleep. White color jasmine symbolizes purity, divinity and peace. One who is suffering from insomnia can use these houseplants to make a better sleep. It would be the best antidepressant remedy who is suffering from sleeping disorders. Its leaves have a good quality of inhibiting humidity and throw good pure oxygen around.

2. Lavender –For Low Stress Level

No wonder Lavender flower is edible and known for its best medication from decades. Many use lavender lotion, lavender soaps, lavender crème for soothing and healing skins. Lavender has a calming and soothing fragrance that enchants the mood. Besides this lavender is the best antidepressant medicine for those who are suffering from mental disorders. You can use Lavender flowers to make a fresh herbal tea. It could be useful in treating menstrual cramps. Its healing scent cut off the anxiety and stress level up to 50%. So it’s very important plant to grow in where the stress level is on high rate.

3. Aloe-Plant – improve air quality

You find very bad smell around and you want to remove and breathe a fresh air. Aloe plant is the best suitable indoor plant for this medication. No doubt Aloe Vera gel is used for treating skin problems. Its gel also used to detoxify the body. Aloe plant in house can help you in improving air quality. Fatty leaves of this plant have a good absorption power that filters the air. It has a certain level of humidity that cools down the temperature. It’s the best plant because it does not need any fertile soil; it can be potted to any pot to any soil. It is the easiest plant to grow in indoor area.

4. Peace Lily-for reduce level of toxins

You love to see beautiful flower in indoors, Peace lily pot is the best option. Peace lily is the best flower plant is an ideal plant can be grown in every type of soil. It can be grown in the shade temperature. Peace lily flower is proved as a best plant to remove various types of toxins from the air. send lilies flower, it flower has a good absorbing power for inhibiting the toxins like acetone, ammonia, ethyl acetate, methyl alcohol and xylene. So Lilies flower has good succulent properties that decrease the ratio of certain toxins.

5. Golden Photos -clear formaldehyde from the air

Golden pothos a heart shaped leaves that resist to spread carbon monoxide and formaldehyde toxins in the air. Golden pothos plant is very popular in North America. Its leaves have a good resistant power to filter the formaldehyde from air. You can hang it to make the hanging cascading wines. This can be potted in any soil but must be reserved in room temperature or shadow place.

6. Rose Marry -For Improve Memory

Who don’t know the benefit of rose marry herb? It is used as a best herb to treat cough and cold. Rose merry is renowned for its flavored aroma, but here we use its effect in air. You can grow rose merry as a houseplant. Rose merry is a special plant that purifies the air and improves the memory as well. Rose merry soft strands have a great efficacy of banishing harmful toxins. So this is the reason it is called as a great plant for enhancing memory.

7. Gerbera daisy –Remove Toxins form air

Gerbera daisy is a most loved flower plant of flower lovers. Besides this gerbera daisy reveals a good chemical that removes Trichloroethylene from air. It also helps in removing benzene from air. You can use it as a plant for office or home. This can be potted in well-drained soil. It needs a partial shadow place to grow. Besides this flowers beauty adds positive vibes and energy surrounding area. Gerbera daisy is a long lasting flower; it promotes healthy growth and sound sleep.

8. Snake Plant –Prevents Headaches

Snake plant is the most popular indoor and outdoor plant of every home. Snake plant easily grows in any soil and it can fit into any size container. You can have snake plant pot in home to recharge the positive energy. Snake plant has a good absorbent power to inhibit the chemical reaction of Benzene by 53% and Trichloroethylene by 13.4%.  So it is useful in reducing the stress level and prevents headache. NASA has also approved that single snake plant is strong enough to fight against the toxic gases spread in surroundings.

Medicines can cure the mental fatigue for certain period of time. But these house plants can serve you fresh air for years. All above indoor plants are easy to take care. They all can be set in the room with a partial sun shade on it. Give them sun hit one day a week. Houseplant looks great when they are set on the center table, office table or bed table. If you have no indoor plants at home, here is the reason why to grow indoor plants. Hope it will encourage you to grow houseplants.


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